Light-Life Release Date Q3 (August, 2017)

Great News!

We will be releasing Light-Life to a business near you in August of this Year. All Customers will be able to order and Pay for a product in real-time via Light-Life. Just check in to begin shopping. We will update you on the location’s in our top six cities. Check out these features that will be available to all users of the Light-Life Application. Sign Up for the Light-Life Application to be the first with an enhanced in store mobile experience. Stay updated on information our launch party, locations, time and rewards by signing up for our newsletter

Partnering with over a dozen of companies around the world to bring you an experience rid of inconveniences. Your support to inform your brands and favorite businesses goes a long way. Support our mission in bringing you a seamless shopping experience by recommending Blue Nova to a business of your choice, to join us. We are doing all and more to bring concrete information and power to make informed decisions. On the products and services you buy without searching, Lines, QR Codes, Table Numbers or disconnects in your shopping experience. Stay tuned for more updates on information on your one app, one device, and one solution; mobile experience.

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Blue Nova Technology’s Team

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