To Our Fans Around The World

To our fans around the world, love ones, those who believe, support and cheer for our success.

Thank You!  🙂 

It has not been an easy road traveled. However we are enjoying every moment of It all. You are all welcomed to come along as we push to break new limits and reach new heights. We are doing all we can to subscribe your favorite brands. It is up to these brands to provide our level of service and some may or may not want to. Then again, it can also mean change takes time. All in all we are in the business to improve your lives with positive and time saving, World Class Technology Solutions.

Instead of only launching in the United States; as our commitment to be a World Class Information Technology Firm, we are setting our eyes on a global launch and/or a launch overseas. Though we cannot please everyone, we will work with firms who see the value we bring. Many of us, including you, have been told once before you were not valuable. Not just only, customers, fan and/or end users; but firms as well. In all honesty, it has been a learning experience for most of us here at Blue Nova Technology, LLC

We are completely ready to begin installing, place infrastructure and load our services (and your favorite brands, naturally) to the Light-Life Platform. This takes cooperation, in a world that seems deeply divided, we will work harder, grinder harder and move faster toward our common goal. Thus as we push these boundaries and challenge the status quo to bring you a more sustainable world for all of us; show your love by sharing, donating and recommending Blue Nova Technology, LLC to be your number one technology solutions provider. 

From Chicago to across the globe. Once again, Thank You.

Nathaniel D. Smith
CEO/President & Founder
Blue Nova Technology, LLC

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