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Hello Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Fans and Customers.

We are sure you have not missed the recent posts of the new products and services we are loading into our store. We are committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery of products and services. With a wide range of products and services to grow your business, our one stop shop, has all your technology needs all in one place. Through we have plenty more services to load, from Light-Life Platform Applications to our Cloud Solutions; if you follow us on social media you will be one of the first to be notified.

Not on social media? No worries you can sign up for our newsletter and receive updates right to your inbox. We aim to send out newsletters at a minimum, every quarter. If you want to be notified as soon as we post, follow us, like us, and engage us on social media. We have a lot more work to do as we begin to load our servers and services. We will not keep you waiting much longer, just see this as the wait to end all waits. If we need to pop up shops with our technology along with small business owners all over, on every block to make a difference, we will. 

However, afterburners are active, stay tuned as we finish loading the rest of the Light-Life Platform.

Meanwhile feel free to take a peak…

Light-Life Application

Elixir Health Care Application

My Syllabus Application

Civic Application

Fly Light Application

Nathaniel D. Smith

CEO/President & Founder- Blue Nova Technology, L.L.C

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