New Products & Services

Hello Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Fans and Customers. We are sure you have not missed the recent posts of the new products and services we are loading into our store. We are committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery of products and services. With a wide range of products […]

To Our Fans Around The World

To our fans around the world, love ones, those who believe, support and cheer for our success. Thank You!  🙂  It has not been an easy road traveled. However we are enjoying every moment of It all. You are all welcomed to come along as we push to break new limits and reach new heights. […]

Light-Life Release Date Q3 (August, 2017)

Great News! We will be releasing Light-Life to a business near you in August of this Year. All Customers will be able to order and Pay for a product in real-time via Light-Life. Just check in to begin shopping. We will update you on the location’s in our top six cities. Check out these features […]