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The Light-Life Platform

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Drive new business from convenience, accuracy and just in time services with the Light-Life Platform. By giving your customer an enhanced customer experience through their own devices will empower you with the tools to build loyal clientele, demand and sell what your customers are looking for.

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View Detailed Client Proposal (S.O.W)


View Detailed Client Proposal (S.O.W)

Client Advantage

  • Download updates with your choice of install date
  • Connected environment with customers and staff
  • Enhanced buying experience with in App mobile payments, No Lines, No QR Codes, No Table numbers needed.
  • Location services includes GPS and Geofencing with customized notification.
  • Cross Platform Access with IO’s, Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • Improved response time for customer questions
  • Improved upsell/cross sell volume
  • World Class Marketing with IT Solutions – One App, One Device, One Solution
  • Customer behavior knowledge and Venue Analytics
  • In app Loyalty Programs
  • One Click Payments
  • Reduction in lost resulting from lost ID’s and Credit Cards
  • Reduce exposure to chip card’s
  • Double Authentication.
  • Layered security controls across network and infrastructure.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee for Beta Testing Clients
  • No Device Deposits

Blue Nova Technology, LLC – Client Service Proposal