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Fast, Accurate, And Personalized Healthcare When You Need It Most 

On Demand Healthcare Services At The Tip Of Your Fingers.

Elixir Health Application is your one tool to make the best derision for your healthcare services. Our patented services provides you all available options, information, products and services, across network from health care providers. No matter where you are located, get the information you need for the care you demand. 

  • Mobile Marketing services provide customers with healthcare options such as, public health notifications, relevant information on the fly or personal messages from their selected healthcare providers. 
  • Deliver to your patient. useful and meaningful information throughout the patience healthcare experience, while providing concrete improvements to patient health’s in a fraction of time.  

  • Select default campaigns, create or participate in customer loyalty campaigns to increase customer engagement on making the best health choices. 
  • We protect patients through randomly generated tokens, alongside Geo-data, PIN’s and/or bio metrics at the time of a sale, in real-time, to conform customers purchese.

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View reviews, trending or average pricing for services on the fly in your area. Elixir carries all your sensitive health records and other supporting healthcare documents, secured, locked in your own device. No worries about data leaks or hacks on our triple authentication system. Securely send documentation to your doctor, or a nearby healthcare administrator with a swipe. Message, video chat, set up new appointments or follow up on past ones in a few clicks.

  • Elixir optimize staff needs, analyze effectiveness of human services automatically through, custom customer behavior knowledge and can improve response time to customer questions. 
  • Light-Life Inventory Tracking System will help your business keep an accurate track of your inventory, fulfillment, notes, notify customers on any changes, even to select available equipment/products and skills for the task at hand. 

Reduce operational costs by investing in new capabilities, such as, faster patient intake, patient monitoring, Geo-fencing data, inventory tracking and improved customer knowledge base.

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