Light-Life Application


Customer Experience 

  • Request for service representative from your personal device
  • Locate any product, or staff member with a 7 second button hold.
  • Ease of order taking, viewing of menu, specials and events. No Queries, QR Codes, No Registers or Lines needed. Just check-in from your smartphone
  • Review recent orders, user preferences and local favorites.
  • Close your tab when done, and post your experience to your favorite social media site

      Light-Life Application Light-Life Application

No need to pull out your wallet or phone. After the meal, the check is automatically billed to your card, including your preferred tip.

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WaiterWhite Request customer service or wait staff via device when needed to improve your customer’s service, experience and knowledge base and increase operational efficiency.
Track Tab Open, track and close a rolling tab all from your mobile device, allowing real-time management of customer preferences and increase impulse purchasing.
Cloud Pay Close and pay from anywhere in the venue using your mobile device, and take advantage of additional features such as gifting to other users and special promotions.

Recommend A Client

Engage customers with effective loyalty program

Light-Life Application

Improve response time for customer questions

Improve upon weakness in upsell and cross-sell volumes.

Enhance buying experience 

Reduce time to process and close sales

EMV-Chip Transaction capable

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Light-Life Application

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