My Syllabus Application

A Personalized Learning System, For In and Out Of Class Room Experience, Built For Today’s Students

The Syllabus Application brings the classroom experience to your students no matter where they are located. Whether in commute, home or overseas; connect with staff members or peers via video, screen share, during office hours message board or direct message. Service twice as many students with our wide array of personalized tools. Expand your institution reach through a personalized learning experiences, while providing security to all students when on or near campus grounds.  

  • Deliver important updates, customized offers, on demand, near classrooms, offices, labs, information boards, and target areas of interest to within 2-3ft.
  • Craft customized messages to students, staff members, faculty or parents on projects, campus events and communities outings 

Our enhanced, dynamic services creates the best environment for your student and delivers the optimal learning experience with Geo data, personalized learning tools, fast access to accurate information based, off the students preferences.

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Stay updated on your students progress through an interactive mobile experience via media content, university resources, health services, class programs, and peer groups within clicks. Select default campaigns, create and/or participate in campus/classrooms reward campaigns to increase student engagement on making the best choices toward their education.

Find resources, classrooms, courses, staff members and the information to the results you need, whether that abroad or training for that new position. View media from professors and chat with classroom peers without hopping between applications. 

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Blue Nova Technology, LLC –  My Syllabus Application