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Roughly 2 out 3 Business in the United States are Small Businesses. Firms with less than 100 employees make up approximately half of the work force. Improvements in labor and worker rights has pressured business to look for ways to increase efficiency of their firms and resourcefulness of their labor force. Blue Nova Technology, L.L.C strongly supports your business with a robust array of tools to increase your workers productivity through our Light-Life Cloud Platform and Custom Enterprise Software Services. Check out our new programs and Cloud Services to better serve your business. 

Light-Life For Small Business

Growing your business is always on top of your mind. Surviving in today’s business world often boils down to your ability to adapt rapidly to change — something that’s not always possible with an in-house IT infrastructure. Us here at Blue Nova Technology are on a mission to provide you with a world class services and provide all customers an enhanced in-store mobile experience. Light-Life Platform enables your business to process customers sales in a fraction of time, while providing interactive menus, services and personalized experiences. Empower your customers to create the experience they want.

Increase conversion rates, foot traffic and customer base with better insights to what your customers are looking for in real-time.  Make more money from your investments in technology. Upgrade your business systems to include Light-Life, one app, your device, one solution to process customers orders without lines, QR Codes, Table Numbers or Registers. As your customers walk in, they can check in and have access to your services and can even purchese from their smartphones. Our advanced cloud and senor network will be able to locate your inventory and connect your products to your customers in real time. Your customers will be able to enjoy benefits such curbside pick up, real-time updates, token security, SMS gifting, digital loyalty cards, personalized alerts and more. 

Small Business Programs

Per your feedback, we are proud to introduce three new programs to make it easier for your business to adopt new cutting edge technology.Gain new and repeat customers with Blue Nova Technology, Light-Life Small Business Program. Service up to 60 Personages for half the price in real-time and interact with your customer through, cashless, card-less, contact-less, chip card payments.Enjoy benefits such as in app loyalty programs, Geo-fencing technology, customer and inventory analytics. Wait no longer to migrate and enhance your business in-store mobile experience. Processing sales faster and higher engagement rates via Light-Life can return your investment within weeks. 

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Client Referral Program

Blue Nova Technology is proud to be a partner in your success. Our goal is to elevate your firm to the highest level of customer service, optimum operational efficiency and provide oppertuinities for economic development to all firms we engage with. Our technology is designed with your business in mind to reduce the barriers and risk to grow your business. Achieve a free one year subscription to the Light-Life Platform or $6,000 when you recommend five subscribing clients. We look forward to sharing our mission, our technology with you and business across the globe

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We are dedicated to helping businesses around the world increase agility and trim IT costs by hosting their email and collaboration environments in the cloud. By relieving both channel partners and end-user organizations from the burden of managing infrastructure and software. We make it easier for you to focus on improving user experience and growing your business.

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Today, more than 25,000 customers in over 100 countries are working more productively. This is the result of the added value we build into our complete, enterprise-grade cloud solutions. We offer more than 50 different products such as Hosted Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint hosting and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as our proprietary online backup solution and our high-performance cloud servers.

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