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Blue Nova Technology, L.L.C strongly supports your firm by providing you a world class information technology service at a competitive price.

Our complete communication and collaboration solution features all the essential tools your customers need to boost their productivity: email, web portals, online backup, all offered in a secure environment. With our mix-and-match plans, you have the flexibility of building your own plans and benefiting from our included migration and support. 

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What if my needs suddenly or drastically change? When a disaster occurs, you have to act quickly.  Our certified engineers have experience dealing with similar environments from Veeam service providers. You can count on them to get back on track. Our Cloud Servers eliminate server sprawl, complex capacity  planning and architecting nightmares. They come with 24/7/365 support, 99.999% up-time and full on-boarding, plus you can manage your servers yourself. See the performance and flexibility for yourself. Provision and start using high-performance architecture in just 2 minutes.

We use Veeam to do fast and reliable VM backups. It is becoming more popular as a backup solution for virtualization and the cloud. It doesn’t matter if the VM source location is on-premises or in the public cloud, or if it’s running Hyper-V or VMware. We provide secure cloud repositories to store your off-site backups with built-in features of Veeam Cloud Connect. It’s the simplest way to extend your backup infrastructure to the cloud. It’s also the most cost effective solution for a cold disaster recovery site 

 Virtual Machine – Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Struggling with heavy/slow provisioning process? We guarantee up-time of 99.999%. Our user-friendly control panel gives you more control over infrastructure than you’ve ever had. Managing resources will be easier than ever. Provision & configure in 2 minutes.

Our tests and industry standard benchmarks have proven that our Cloud Servers are the fastest among brand name hosting providers. The methodology used is available upon request. Provisioning is almost instantaneous. Get started and have your new high performance architecture in minutes.

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Received request for project that does not fit in current processes/architecture? Our Managed Services puts a dedicated team of cloud engineers to work for you. Our experts will manage your entire environment— from architecting your optimal cloud infrastructure to running all your day-to-day operations. 

Our Managed Services will simplify your work and your budgeting. Pay one monthly fee for each virtual machine and get expert service for your infrastructure and software. Now you don’t have to worry about initial setup and configuration, routine maintenance, break/fix services and more.

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