The growing use of mobile devices has created new sales opportunities and creative ways to engage customers who are tech savvy. 80% of smart phone users use their devices to search and assist them during the shopping experience. In addition, 66% of paying customers opt for credit card as a payment option. The growing threat of fraud is apparent when customer I.D’s or payment forms are, lost, misplaced, or damage/counterfeit. Blue Nova Technology, LLC propose solutions that can reduce the time to process and fill orders, along with reduced fraud, with the use of in mobile application payments.


As personal and professional lives go mobile, many firms are faced with changes in distribution systems, economic impacts to transportation and logistics, that limit companies from taking full advantage of improvements in technology. Of surveyed businesses, 85% of surveyed customers stated interest in our services and feel our application along with its services can be a very useful tool in personal, and day to day business.

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We have developed solutions to help your business stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends and that implements a logistics solution focused on Just in Time order management. Our solution easily integrates with a wide range of CRM solutions and enable your business to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity throughout the entire sales cycle.

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