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Designed to give you the ultimate in-store experience with features such as personal assistance, fast access to products and services.Your shopping experience will been enhanced with Light-Life In-App Messenger. No need to hop between app and services to find what you are looking for. Easily chat with service representatives and peers when you check into your venue. 

Order products curbside with a simple text, gift or share deals via SMS to your peers. Message friends automatically when you check into your party or group and find them in real time. 

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Spend less time searching and more time with friends when you connect via Light-Life. Make your location discoverable while inside the business to receive real time updates on your order, favorite products, promotions and preferences with your Mobile Store

Check out our Fan Page to guarantee your spot to earn exclusive VIP Passes and deals with embedded Loyalty Programs. Never be out the loop on events, promotions and deals while you hit the town; no matter what town you are in for your seamless shopping experience.

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Connect with local, national artist and browse their catalog as they release new songs and media when you check into their event. No need to query or additional steps to download media you ear on the fly. Share your experience via Social Media and invite your friends and family in a few clicks.

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