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The Light-Life application can help increase traffic and loyal clientele by giving customer the power to order and pay for their meal, drink or products from their mobile device while in-store or curb side. Without QR codes, lines or table numbers, look up or scan a product for more information on corporate or personal device’s with ease. Deliver the ultimate shopping experience to all customers and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to fraudsters, lost ID’s and add an extra layer of security with Chip Card Capable Transactions. Light-Life Mobile Store creates tokens alongside Geo-data, PIN’s and/or bio metrics at the time of the sale, in real-time, to conform customers purchese.

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Enter your card information, fill out your profile and order with just a few clicks. No queries, walk in, open app and check in. Keep track of tabs, receipts and gift your favorite product with ease! Blue Nova Mobile Payments

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Prepare your venue for a liability shift with EMV-Chip capable transactions!

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