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In-store shopping has never been this fun with the Light-Life Application. Have on the spot access to your favorite products and services from the palm of your hands. Shop on demand, in real-time to find more information, purchese goods or to request additional services from your smartphone. Skip the line and pay on the spot with a few clicks. Light-Life notify nearby staff members of your location in-store, purchases and stores receipts on your device for viewing.  No need to close at a register, fill out forms to redeem or sign up for loyalty points/cards when you check out with our mobile wallet. 

Have questions? Need a service rep to assist you? No problem here. The Light-Life Mobile Platform enhances your in-store experience with a full range of services that auto-load upon entry, by standing nearby a store or product of interest. Receive targeted notifications on new products, sales, promotions or specials in real-time. Light-Life makes sure you are receiving the best deals when you setup your preferences. Save more time by personalizing your experience, and have more fun shopping while in-store.

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Tired of aimlessly searching for goods and services while in-store? Service reps not sure where your product is located on the shelf or in inventory?¬†Menu full of text and does not reflect¬†items in stock? Too many questions…? No worries, Light-Life can located any product, services or your friends to within 2-3 ft. Search and browse all products currently available at your position and allow Light-Life to guide¬†you to it’s location.

Confused between products and services or just not enough information to make an informed decision? Light-Life puts all the information you need in one location, in the palm of your hands. No need to hop in and out of multiple applications to find what you are looking for. View ingredients and product information on the fly. Create the experience you want, through convenience you need and the service you deserve.

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