Inventory Tracking

Near 100% Inventory Accuracy is Now Possible.

Affordable, Simple, Fast, and Effective Solution for Your Business  

Inventory Tracking Via Light-Life Platform

Blue Nova Technology offers an inventory tracking systems that will help your business keep an accurate track of the inventory in-store. It is an affordable, simple, fast, an effective solution for your business. The Light-Life Application and platform system is a patent pending system, designed with your business in mind, to improve the customer experience through convenience, accuracy of orders and timely delivery of products and services, through the palm of your customer’s hands.

The Light-Life Platform is a solution designed for businesses that offers complete insight and near 100% accuracy in inventory tracking. The Light-Life allows retailers to increase sales, keep customer satisfaction and loyalty, make mobile payments in-store, and obtain product information right from your device.

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Light-Life offers four main services • Mobile Payment that enables customers to pay for their tab at the venue from their smartphones • Geofencing Marketing sends coupons, promotions, and proximity messages to the customer’s device • Venue messenger allows customers to find staff/products through our geofencing systems   • NOVA Analytics reduce operational costs by showing you what drives your business grow with geofencing data.

Our four components of inventory tracking in our store works constantly and flawlessly in one system that connects you with customers and in-store optimization

 • Track and view the level of merchandise inventory in real-time

Customize customer’s request by allowing them to interact with the inventory in a digital menu while shopping in the store.

• Light-Life platforms changes the purchasing behaviors by offering new ways to enjoy retail stores through real-time analytics.

• Easy transition for retailers between current and new systems.

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